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April 1, 2012
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Greece  x Reader x Japan
Can't Hug Every Cat

I love cat I want to hug every kind of cat. I love this cat over lord thing as an April Fool's day on deviantArt.  Sorry for the sloppyness. Sorry for shortness. It's not the best.

You loved cats.  You were the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood. You had cats everywhere in your home. Plates, pictures, curtains, sheets, everything.  Your youtube name was even Catlover4ever as a vlog. You sat down in front of your camera and started your first blog.

"Hello, my name is (Name), this is my first vlog on youtube. Um, this is my first time posting something on youtube, so I'm nervous but I'm excited at the same time. So I'm just gonna start talking about what I like, and hope I get some replies. So I like anime." You started But something popped in your head.

  "I love cats.  I love every kind of cat. Big cats, small cats…" your eyes started to tear up. " Sorry. I just. I really love cats and I just want to hug all of them but I can't cause it's crazy. I can't hug every cat. But I just want to. I want to. I want to! It's not fair! Cats are so cute and sweet. Anytime I hear cat, I jus- I love cats. Ah, whooo! I promised myself I wouldn't cry. So anyway I am a cat lover. I also love to draw." You said to calm yourself down but it failed.
" I'm sorry I'm thinking about cats again. I just – I think about how many don't have a home and how I should have them and how cute they are and how their ears and the whiskers and the nose, I just love them and I want them and I want them basket. And I want little bow ties. I want them to be on a rainbow and just in my bed, and I just want a house full of them and I just want us to roll around – I can't I can't."

With defeat  you posted it.
Later that night, your friend Kiku Honda saw your video and smiled. He then sent it to Heracles Karpusi , who smiled. He replied.

To :

From: sleeplygá

Topic:  Re: Cat video
If (Name) love cats, do you think she'll love us?
Japan read his email and smiled.
To: sleeplygá
Topic: Re:Re: Cat video
Maybe. How about we ask her… I'll bring some cosplay for us. That will surly make her happy. Can you bring your cats?
From: sleeplygá
Topic: Re:Re:Re: Cat video
Of course, I will, Kiku-san. ;)
-------- -_ __ _ -_ _ - _-
The next day in you woke up to hearing your door bell, sleeply, you made it to the door finding two boys from your school, Kiku Honda and Heracles Karpusi dressed as cats… you stared at them. They were the last two people on earth that you would expect to dress up as cats. Kiku was always hanging out with the German and Italian and never really spoke. The Greek was always asleep in class.
The Japanese smiled. " We love cats too."
I love cats! [link]

Japan and Greece (c) Hetalia author
you (c) cats

I just had too...

Picture by ~Crimson-Bloom [link]
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